Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Plumped Up New Face - Bizarre or Beautiful?

Cindy Crawford

There are definitely two camps in the anti-aging business when it comes to facial reconstruction.  Those who "do it", and those who "don't".  I found this article that talks about the fact that celebrities and others who can afford, are seeking the "pushed out rather than pulled back" new face look.  Faces are getting plumper, and this look is being criticized.

As the article states, you can't tighten a prune to get a grape.  All's you end up with is a tight prune.

Check out the article, Ageless? It is so Ageing, Darling  by Mimi Spencer, Mail Online.

For an example of what kinds of changes can happen when botox and fillers are used, here's an article about our lovely popular, Cindy Crawford.  In this article, it is stated, "botox and fillers often have the unintended effect of making one look older."  Some of the comments report she is looking like Marie Osmond.   See what all the buzz is about here, in the article Cindy Crawford is different at the Caliche Rum launch:  Has she had work done? by Bedhead, Celebitchy,

Angela Gentile

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