Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is Your Diet Ageing You?

I like reading articles on how to age well.  Most articles I read about on aging tend to focus on our looks and the fact is, we are all going to show signs of age if we are lucky enough to live long.  I would like to see more articles that focus on aging well.  The tips mentioned in the article "Is Your Diet Ageing You?" on Yahoo have an overall health benefit, and the focus on avoiding crow's feet is ridiculous.  It's like when we talk about focusing on getting skinny when we are on a diet and exercise regime vs. getting healthy and physically fit. 

The simple solution is healthy lifestyle choices.  Eat well, exercise, avoid smoke and sun exposure and get a good dose of positive social contact.  Such a simple solution to Living Long and Well.

Check out the article, Is Your Diet Ageing You? on Yahoo and see what tips are recommended by the experts.  Avoiding sugar and junk food are two of the "tips".  Haven't we heard that one before?


Have a great day!

Angela G. Gentile