Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Focussing on the Positive Side of Turning 65

I came across this great website, The Eldering Institute, and I was quite impressed with the positive messages that it has about the second half of life, and more specifically, turning 65.  Eldering ceremonies, education sessions, and other material is available to those in the USA, Canada and South America.  Here is their "Vision", taken directly off their website:

The Eldering Institute Vision

The Eldering Institute® is about what we can do, and more importantly, 
who we can be as we grow older. We are committed to creating a new interpretation 
or paradigm for the second half of life—one that allows us to experience love, 
health, happiness, creative self-expression and being valued and to have as much 
possibility on the last day of our lives as we had when we were born.

Our purpose is to supply support, training and development, books and materials 
for those engaged in transforming the paradigm of aging.

To get more information on The Eldering Institute, please click on this link:

Age well,
Angela Gentile

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